February 27, 2012

Enough About Whitney Houston Already

It's tragic that Whitney Houston died so young. But enough already. She's not the only person of fame and talent to die from an excess of...what?...just about everything, I think.
Entertainment Tonight is scandalized that a photo of Whitney in her casket appeared on the cover of the National Enquirer. So, "out of respect for the family" ET showed the picture but obscured her face (oh, how reverential), and then went on to describe in excruciating detail what color her dress was, how her hair was fixed, the jewelry she wore...
Their self-righteousness is a bit misplaced, don't you think?
And it's an odd phenomenon how, when someone dies, sales of their music, movies, books...whatever, skyrocket. Were those people buying their work before they died? Which seems to me like the best time to do that, but what do I know?
Whitney's death will probably make the movie, Sparkle, a big hit at the box office, whether it's good or not, which is good for her estate. And good for her daughter, Bobbi Christina - now maybe she'll be able to afford to get braces. I know that's so mean but really...why didn't they have her teeth fixed?

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Anonymous said...

TY Samatha for saying it like it is...How can a child, of a woman who had to have made millions, see her 19th birthday with teeth like she has??????? Where was "mom" in her formative years? I think Whitney Houston was an incredible talent, and perhaps, as Tom Hanks said at her memorial, she felt un worthy of her notority, but she had an obligation to her child to do right by her. I have a hard time believing she was "super Mom".