February 3, 2012

Israel–Day Four

Monday morning was another gray, rainy, cold day. Off we went to Safed (pronounced tzvat - try that IMG_0848out!), the highest city in the Galilee region at 3000 ft. It's a quaint artist's colony with narrow cobblestone streets of shops filled with beautiful art, jewelry, scarves...whatever you're looking for. And some of what you're not. But really, if I had any space left on my walls I could have bought some wonderful pieces.
We visited a synagogue that was founded in the 1500s. Check out Tony’s little dome-shaped yarmulke (below). IMG_0842
Safed is also the center of Kabbalah (but we didn't see Madonna there).
Then on we went to a kibbutz for lunch – great food (they’re big on buffets in Israel, at least where we were) and plenty of it. We had a guide who told us about kibbutz life and how it works, what it takes to get in. She said it’s good to be a tuchas-licker. I thought I hadn’t heard her correctly but then she explained, “ass-kisser,” for the goyim.
She also told us how when she was young she took care of the cows and how good the warm cow shit (her words) felt oozing into her boots on a cold winter morning. Very colorful.
Kibbutz life is very strange and cult-like to me, and the housing is less than elegant. But, whatever floats your ark.
After lunch we toured the area (I think it was the Golan Heights) but I can’t remember what all we were looking at so enjoy the pictures. I really needed a documentarian.

I didn’t need one, tho, for our next stop – it was a winery where we toured and sampled. One of our group wasn’t feeling well and I couldn’t resist taking her picture lying on the window sill like a cat.
Whew! That was a full day, wasn’t it?
Dinner that night was at our Kibbutz hotel. Another buffet.






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