February 4, 2012

Israel–Day Six

The sun was actually shining on Wednesday in Jerusalem. Yippee! It was short-lived, but nice to see.

We did a walking tour of the old city, the Mount of Olives and the Wailing Wall, where it’s tradition to put prayer notes in the cracks in the wall. Some of our group did that but it’s probably unnecessary to say I wasn’t one of them.
And we walked the Via Dolorosa and the stations of the cross, said to be where Jesus carried his cross on the way to his crucifixion. Lots of old stone buildings and stalls with vendors selling everything imaginable.
Had lunch at an outdoor café and then the afternoon was free to explore the city on our own. I took a nap.
Tony, Nel and I went to a seafood restaurant for dinner. Not our favorite place for food but the wine was good. (See my attentive companions, below.)
IMG_1061After dinner we went in search of a nightclub that someone had told us about and didn’t find it until we were too exhausted to go inside.

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