February 4, 2012

Israel–Day Five

Tuesday was another gray day but at least it wasn't raining. We did not luck out with the weather, I have to say.
We went to the Man in the Galilee Museum which we just sort of whipped through on our way to a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee. The boat ride was sweet – they played music, including the hora (which we didn’t dance to) but I have a lovely video of Elaine and Sanford from Cleveland dancing to something else. (I'm going to bore you with pictures of the whole group - it's the only time I got pictures of everyone.)
Elaine and Sandy

You know how when you travel with a group there's usually one colossal jerk? Well, that didn't happen on this trip - everyone was great; easy to get along with (okay, maybe not ALL the time, but mostly), flexible, not complaining...pretty amazing, actually.
Cool, I just found a way to embed the pictures in an album that you can view as a slide show.
After the boat ride we went to Tiberias to visit Capernaum, the site of an ancient Byzantine synagogue and a church believed to be on the site of St. Peter’s house. (I’m quoting the itinerary because at this point I was so overwhelmed by all the facts and dates and stories, and my brain had ceased to process the data. But I loved looking at it so enjoy the pictures.)
What I really liked about this tour was the balance between Jewish stuff and Christian. Half of us were Jewish, half not, so there was something for everyone and it was interesting to all.

Then we drove through the Jordan River Valley and into Jerusalem. Our hotel, the Dan Panorama, was very nice and in a great location near the Old City and near lots of stores and restaurants.
Tony, Nel and I went to dinner that night at a restaurant called (I think) Gabriela, a kosher Italian restaurant where we had delicious food. Nice not to be eating at a buffet.

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