March 1, 2012

The Dream Keeps Getting Better

Remember the final scene of Bob Newhart's show where he woke up in bed with his wife from the original program (Suzanne Pleshette) and it's revealed that the whole show, 7 or 8 seasons, had been a dream?
Sometimes I feel like that's what's happening and I'm going to wake up from this dream. Jeez, I hope not.
My dream came true last year when St. Martin's Press bought my book, and it just keeps getting better. Yesterday my editor told me they sold the German rights - before the book's even published! It'll take a while for it to be translated into German but in about a year I'll see the German version of What More Could You Wish For (can anybody translate that?).
So that means I'll be an internationally published author. Oh my god. See what I mean about the dream?
I feel like a rock star.
Please don't wake me up.

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