March 26, 2012

Dear 30-somethings...

Dear 30-somethings (and 20-somethings and even 40-somethings), revel in it now because it's not going to last forever; the thick, lustrous hair, the firm butt, the dewy skin (free of age spots), the jaw line you can bounce a quarter off of, the flat stomach...ah, the list goes on. Appreciate it, even if you hate the way you look because you're never going to look better than you do right now. Oh, you might lose weight, you might build muscle, you might learn how to dress better, but the bottom line is when you're my age you're going to look at pictures from now and say, "Wow, I was cute. Why didn't I know that?"
So my question is, why didn't my mother tell me this? And if she had would it have helped or hurt? Once she told me she never felt old inside her head, but she never talked about the physicality of getting old. Maybe it didn't bother her. Can that possibly be? Did her generation simply accept it? I never heard her and my aunts commiserating about their sagging jowls and thinning hair, or feeling bad that men didn't pay attention to them any more. But I have to say, ALL my girlfriends talk about it. We obsess over it, fixate on it, get depressed about it, and we look waaaaaaaaaaay better than our moms did at our age. What's up with that? Did we think we were going to look young forever?
What will GenX, GenY and the millennials expect? Do they think they're going to find the fountain of youth before they get here? Thing is, they probably will. Well, all I can say is, get on it - I'm not getting any younger here.

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