March 24, 2012

Cascabel at Lookingglass Theatre - Theatre Review

Cascabel is a fantastic show at Lookingglass, a theatre group that does amazing, creative, out of the ordinary work. This production gives new meaning to the term 'dinner theater.' This is not your grandma's dinner theater with an iceberg lettuce salad and mostacciolli or fried chicken. This is food from Rick Bayless. He's cooking (right) as you're seated at long communal tables set up in front of the stage. The food is part of the story, almost a character in the play, as Bayless plays the cook who tries to win the heart of the boarding house owner.
This show is Cirque du Soleil crossed with Top Chef and Dancing With the Stars. We knew Bayless could cook but who knew he could act? And dance. He's a very elegant man (and looks much younger in person than he does on TV) with some graceful moves on the dance floor. He doesn't do any of the amazing acrobatics and high-wire stuff, but he does a beautiful Salsa (below). 
The tickets are pricey but it's an event you don't want to miss if you're into theater and food. And what a great combo when it's done right.

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