July 5, 2011

Women Are Crazy Because Men Are Assholes

Okay, that's not my personal commentary (is it?), it's the name of a play I saw at The Mercury Theater which, unfortunately for you, is no longer there.
It's a great show, the story of five couples who get together for brunch to meet Nicole's new boyfriend, Dylan, the love of her life, the man she's going to marry. Unfortunately they've never met. They've had a two-month relationship but the it's all been online.
And if that isn't enough material for two hours each couple has its own issues to make fun of. There's a little something for everyone: commitment-phobes, lesbian love, three-way sex...it's all there.
Here's what the program says: This is the last reasonable thing any of them will do for the day (referring to coming to the brunch). Secrets will be screamed, sex will be weaponized, and sanity will have its throat sliced.
They are assholes, they are crazy. Try to love them anyway.

There's so much laughter from the audience you just know you've missed some sure-to-be-great lines. If it were still here I'd see it again, hoping to catch those. If it comes back, you have to go with me!

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