July 3, 2011

Faith in Humanity

Last Saturday I got home from Santa Barbara at 1 a.m. and took a taxi from O'Hare. Later that morning (after only about four hours sleep - whats up with that?) I went for a run and then I went to get my wallet so I could go to the farmer's market and my wallet was nowhere to be found. Crap! Then I remembered taking it out of my purse, taking out some money and leaving the wallet out so I could put the change away. But apparently I left it in the taxi.
So I called the cab company to see if it was found, but no luck.
Fortunately I only keep money and my drivers license in that wallet so I didn't have to worry about credit cards. So, writing it off, I got a new drivers license (and wasn't charged for it because I'm so old!).
And what do you know, today, voila! I got a FedEx envelope from L. Kevin Green, Director of Accounting for Load Delivered, with my wallet, everything intact.
What a great guy. Validates your faith in humanity, doesn't it?
Some months ago I was taking Metra out to Itasca to have lunch with my best friend, Judi, and when I got to the ticket window I didn't have my purse. I'd left it on the damn bus. Jeez, what the hell is wrong with me these days?
So I went tearing back out to the street to see if the bus was still there - thank god it's the end of the line so it sits there a while and it was there and the bus driver had my purse (intact) and I ran back inside and still made my train.
I'm a very lucky girl, aren't I?

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