July 13, 2011

Advice To Writers from Molly Campbell

Molly Campbell is my favorite blogger. She's the Erma Bombeck of blogging. No, really...she actually won the Erma Bombeck Writer's Competition. She's a very clever lady with a unique and funny perspective on life. And a great writer.

I am not a famous author. I am not really a famous blogger, either; however, I have convinced my neighbors and some people on twitter that I am. Since I have achieved this rarefied celebrity status all by myself, with the help of a laptop computer and Jack Dorsey, Al Gore, Mark Zuckerberg, and several thousand business cards randomly left on restaurant tables and in dental waiting rooms, I feel ready to distill advice to those of you readers out there who want to be just like me, or maybe even better. I can help you do this.
I have been posting my thoughts and feelings into cyberspace on a very regular basis for over three years. This gives me the credibility I need to call myself a writer. Oh yeah, and I have won a writing prize, gotten a job blogging for somebody else, and I am writing a book. So listen up, all you wannabes!
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Anonymous said...

This is great, Sam. I also like



Tree said...

This is hilarious! I see why you like her. I also see some similarities with how you are: no bullshit and a ton of humor.
Thanks for sharing this!