March 30, 2011

Symphony on the CTA

There's always a concert on the CTA; singers, bands, keyboard players...and often they're really great (sometimes they're abysmal).
Monday morning, on my way to jury duty, I saw this guy at the Jackson stop on the Red Line. I wanted to get his name but, lo and behold, my train showed up. Right on time. Go figure.

He was the bright spot of my morning.
Here's how jury duty went: I left before 7:00 a.m. Two trains and a bus later I was at the Maywood Courthouse where I sat for three hours with about 65 other people in various stages of lethargy. I read (against the shouts and whoops from the game shows playing on two TVs) until they let us go because they had two trials and both defendants ended up pleading guilty. And then I didn't get my check ($17.20) because apparently someone had walked off with mine.
The check's in the mail, they tell me.

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