March 25, 2011

Cat Naps In the Boob Room by Kristen DaRosa

Check out Kristen DaRosa's blog WhineAfter5 (don't you love the name?!) Here's a post:

The morning I graduated Indiana University I was still drunk from the night before. Soon thereafter, a sobering reality settled in when I stepped foot into the first of many corporate positions in downtown Chicago. The hours were long, the dress conservative, and the longer you worked, the higher your value.

During a one-year tenure at my first company, I was selected among the lucky few of fast-tracked post-graduates, who unbeknownst to our bosses, had been chugging beers out of 10 foot bongs just three months prior. We differentiated ourselves by wearing mommy-like duds from Ann Taylor and making sure our bosses were aware of the gaping disparity between our life to work ratio. My competitive advantage came from a little unknown secret that I’ve never shared until now. Here goes.

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