March 7, 2011

I Want to Be a Millennial When I Grow Up

When I was six I wanted to be a teacher and when I was ten I wanted to be Gidget. When I was twelve I wanted to be an author, when I was fourteen I wanted to be Paul McCartney's girlfriend and when I was sixteen I wanted to be Twiggy. Then I grew up and knew I had to get serious about what I was going to do with my life so I went to college and majored in theater and planned on being Audrey Hepburn.
Alas, with the exception of author (yay!) none of those dreams panned out but I've been many interesting things in my life; a cashier at Bargain City, an OS&D clerk for a trucking company, a sales rep in the corporate world, a house manager to the Hollywood stars (well, just one star, but who's counting?), a personal assistant to normal people as well as celebrities...and now, not just an author but a published author with an agent and an editor and a publisher and an advance. My life is amazing.
But I can't rest on my laurels. It's time to set a new goal and I decided I want to be a millennial.
I had lunch today with a shining example of what millennials are all about, Kristen DaRosa, who is not only beautiful but also smart and charming and clever and engaging and thoughtful and gracious and real and...all right, all right, I'll stop. It was so inspiring being in her presence. She was picking MY brain about writing while I was trying to do an invasion-of-the-body snatchers kind of thing. Sometimes I just can't help but be nostalgic for my youth.
Kristen's a PR professional; she's the Media Relations and Corporate Communications Manager at Northwestern University (at 28!), she's training for a marathon and writing a book (maybe two), has a blog called WhineAfter5 and has a world of possibility before her. When you talk to Kristen you get the idea she can do anything she sets out to do. You'll be hearing more about Kristen DaRosa, and not just from me. Mark my words.
So the bottom line is I guess I don't really want to be any old millennial, I want to be Kristen when I grow up.


Anonymous said...

I want to be her mother...oh wait, I AM her mother :) What I admire about millennials (including Kristen) is their sense of reverse paranoi...that the world is out to do them good. It is inspiring, refreshing, nonfattening, and does a great job at quashing negaholism! As for Kristen, she is an amazing millenial, daughter, friend, and writer..but remains unexcited about weeding my garden beds.

Samantha Hoffman said...

The apple doesn't fall far...
No wonder she's so clever, she has YOU for a mom!

Mikki Williams, CSP said...

I want to be her mentor...wait, I AM her mentor. I thought I was blessed when da' mudder as they say in my native NYese came to my Speakers School and then THE daughter showed up and I was in love...I mean, a girl crush. There is no one on this planet who cannot fall in love with this amazing millennial, Kristen. She became my Vistage member, she became my mentee, she became my muse in many ways, she became my special "adopted " daughter, she became my friend:-) She now writes her fabulous monthly column on millennial insights aka the entitled generation for my ezine Hair She Is. She is all "my Sam" and her "apple doesn't fall far from the tree" Mom attest to and to me, she is the whole enchilada and more. We are soul bonded, I mean sole as in shoe "sista's"