March 17, 2011

Dear Mayor Daley

I know you only have 50some days left in office but have you given up on our beautiful city? The pedestrian underpass at Oak St. and Michigan Ave., the gateway to Oak Street Beach, and the first thing visitors see when they're accessing the lakefront path, is a mess. It's filled with ugly graffiti (these pictures make it look almost charming, but believe me it's not), in terrible disrepair and has standing water even though it hasn't rained in days. I've called several times about the graffiti but nothing has happened and it's been like this for months.
Don't you care any more?

It's so bad that even the homeless don't sleep there any longer.
It won't be long before I'll have to wear a haz-mat suit just to cross through it for my morning run and that damn thing'll be hot this summer.
Please, Mayor Daley, don't let our city go the way of Rome, which used to be one of my favorite cities and is now covered head to toe in disgusting graffiti.
Spring is coming and so are the tourists. Please clean it up before you leave office.
Thanks so much!

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