April 2, 2011

Ponderings from the Precipice

I am standing on the precipice of old age and I have to say, it's an abyss I'm not knocked out about looking into. Today I'm officially a senior, at least by government standards. By AARP standards I've been a senior since they started sending that damn magazine the day after my 50th birthday, but they're just assholes.
It's amazing how young 50 sounds now.
Today I could sign up for social security. Which is an incredible (and surreal) thing to have to say about yourself. Better, as they say, than the alternative but still...
The question is how did I get here?
It doesn't feel like 62 years have gone by. In my head I haven't aged. But then I look in the mirror.
My Bill took me to Lovell's in Lake Forest for dinner. It's an elegant place with great ambiance, delicious food and impeccable service. A nice place to celebrate being an old lady. But then I looked at the pictures and I thought, okay, I don't look so bad. I look better for 62 than I did for 61 so I feel better about this new world I'm living in. Cuz it's all about presentation, isn't it?


Gig said...

When I first saw you, two days ago, I thought you were late 40's. Way too young for me should I not be married and looking!

Samantha Hoffman said...

Gig, okay, have I told you I love you???