April 25, 2011

Speaking of Films From Books...

What are your favorite films based on a book you really loved? Do they ever hold up? One that comes to my mind is Prince of Tides, one of my favorite books by Pat Conroy. Unfortunately many of his other books are a variation on the same theme but I was enthralled by that one.
The movie begins with a scene from the book that stood out in my mind, one that really explained the relationship between the kids in the family. They would run together down the dock and jump in the river, or lake, or whatever it was, and they would hold hands under water. It was the only place they felt safe. So when the movie began with that scene I thought, oh great...this is going to be wonderful.
Unfortunately it takes a very commercial turn, concentrating on the romance between Tom and his sister's psychiatrist, a very inconsequential part of the book. Very Hollywood. Ruined it for me.
Also, Barbra Streisand as the psychiatrist ruined it for me. Not sure why, I love her, but she was vastly different from what I imagined.
One movie that was better than the book (very unusual) is Winter's Bone. I loved the film, thought it was so well-done; beautifully written, acted and directed. And then I read the book. Or tried to. I can't even imagine how someone could read that book and think it would make a good film. But it did, it made a sensational film. If you haven't seen it, do.
How about you? Do you have any favorite movies from books?

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