November 4, 2010

The Mr. Right-Enough House

For the cover of Mr. Right-Enough Bill and I drove around a beautiful neighborhood in Evanston where there are lovely, older homes and mature trees. It was spring so all the flowering shrubs were in bloom and everything was luminous green (made even more luminous through Photoshop for the final version). We took photos of at least ten homes and then I decided on the best of the lot, the one that most looked to me like the house that figures prominently in the book.
But then we both forgot where we had taken the picture.
Then last week Bill drove me to Evanston to take care of some issues for a new client (did you know I'm a personal assistant when I'm not writing?) and we got a little lost looking for my client's home. And then, lo and behold, I looked to my right and said, "Stop! There's the house!" Not my client's house, but the house on my book cover.
Serendipity, right? How else would we have ever found it? Actually, Bill was convinced the house was in Lakeview.
So I wrote down the address and last week I sent them a signed copy of the book along with a note thanking them for having such a beautiful home. I don't really expect to hear from them, I just hope they're pleased and that they enjoy the book.
Now, my glass-half-empty friends (and you know who you are) have said, "What if they sue you?"
Sue me? Sue me? For what? For using the public facade of their home without their permission? Wouldn't it be more likely they'd be excited to see their home immortalized?
Well, my glass-half-full response to the question is, they'd have to be complete assholes to want to sue me. People like that couldn't live in a house so beautiful.

Could they?
Here are a couple other homes I photographed. Didn't I choose the perfect one?

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