November 25, 2010

Hints for Thanksgiving

They're doing hints on the morning show about how to eat today. What? Like we don't eat the rest of the year? Hints like, use smaller serving spoons. Well, that's probably a good idea cuz you'll use more calories with all that extra spooning.
Here are my tips for Thanksgiving:
1. Don't eat too much
2. Don't drink too much
3. Don't pour gravy all over everything
4. Don't take seconds of all the desserts
5. Wear pants with an elastic waist (just in case you do all of the above)
6. Don't take a nap after the meal and then get up and eat more
7. Eat whatever you want. Gobble, gobble,'s once a year and it's good stuff! Just go home and puke it all up.

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