November 15, 2010

Bill Kurtis, My New BFF

Bill Kurtis invited me to his house yesterday for lunch and cooked me a sumptuous six course meal (including grass fed beef from his company Tallgrass Beef) - yum!) and now we're BFFs.
Well, okay, he didn't exactly invite me. I was sort of thrust upon him since he and his lady Donna LaPietra generously offered a tour of their beautiful estate/gardens (it was supposed to be in the spring, but you know how these things go) and lunch at their home as an item at a charity auction, and my friend Ron bid on and won the event, and invited me and my Bill to be among the guests.
And, all right, Bill Kurtis didn't exactly cook the meal. Sarah Stegner, chef/owner of Prairie Fire and Prairie Grass restaurants did, and the meal was amazing.

But Bill Kurtis and Donna LaPietra were warm and gracious hosts, and dressed to the nines in our honor. Well, actually, they looked very nice but that's a picture I found on the internet. They were a bit less formal, but still warm and welcoming.
All in all it was a lovely day. Thank you, Bill and Donna, for your hospitality, and Bill Kurtis, I still consider you my new BFF. See you on the 6 o'clock news.
BTW, has Kate Sullivan graduated from high school yet? She looks 12.

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