November 17, 2010

Movie Review: Morning Glory

I have an unjustified fascination for Diane Keaton. I will see every movie she's in even though I think she's one of the worst actors in the world. I know, I know...she won an Academy Award for Annie Hall, but that was before the Academy knew she was just playing herself. But no matter, I love her. First of all I've always loved her looks and the quirky way she dresses. And even now at 64 she looks great (one of the few Hollywood actresses who hasn't had a boatload of plastic surgery and she still looks beautiful). I don't know why, I just love watching her, even while I'm deriding her performance in my head.
I digress. Back to the movie, which I would rename Morning Grumpy because it's all about the irascible Harrison Ford character and the predictable way he softens into a vulnerable human being.

Oh, please.
Okay, it's entertaining and there are some funny lines and funny bits (starting with the roller coaster scene) but it could have been more than that. I think it's a cute script but it's over-directed.I hate that. Why don't directors know that subtle is better? All three performances are over the top. There are sane moments, but mostly they're too grumpy, too cutesy, too ditzy. Sure, there's an audience for slapstick so if you're going to do that then do it all the way. But if you want a romantic comedy with believable characters that we can relate to, subtle performances are what works. At least for me. Why doesn't anyone ever ask me?
Three out of five stars.

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Morning Glory said...

I love Keaton but I think this movie is beneath her. I mean,it is a cute romantic comedy but it's really dumb the characters are very flat and not likable...