November 30, 2010

I'm Kvelling!

I'm kvelling! Do you know what that means? It's a Jewish word for beaming with pride and joy.
My friend Alicia gave my book to a friend for her 50th birthday (what a great idea Do you know anyone turning 50 who needs a gift??), and she just sent me an email with the recipient's reaction.
This is the reason I write, to tell a story that will touch someone. Thank you Alicia, for giving the book to your friend and thank you for sharing her kind words.
This is my favorite review so far! Have you written yours yet? You could post one on any time. Consider it my Chanukah present.

"Funny, I laughed reading through the whole thing. she is so me. It was like a chronicle of my life up to this point. Really, is this how all newly 50 year old women feel? Her character's life so paralleled mine. Really, her girlfriend marrying her high school sweetheart? hmmmmm. Even her relationship with her boyfriend and the calling stand off! I read that and laughed. How true! And the passage when her dad dies, literally the exact words were uttered when my mom called me when my brother died. Scary. Maybe she's been channeling me! Funny, funny, funny. I saw myself all over this book, except I don't have a hunky ex-boyfriend waiting in the wings to sweep me off my feet! Thank you! What a great gift. Too bad she hasn't written more. I read the book in one night - couldn't put it down!"
JoAnn Valeo Losoya

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