June 3, 2010

Getting Old Sucks

Here's the kind of thing that happens when you're a "certain age." I was at Mikki's, my favorite client (I can say this because I don't think any of my other clients read my blog), and we were working in our usual, compatible way. Here's the scene: we're doing our own thing, working side-by-side at our computers, silent for the most part but occasionally talking, sometimes laughing (actually, we do quite a lot of laughing together).
Anyway, Mikki interrupts me on a regular, annoying, basis and I tolerantly do whatever she needs done (picture a halo over my head here).

On this particular day she left the room briefly and when she came back she sat for a second looking puzzled. Then she said, "What did I just ask you to do?" and I said, "I don't remember, but I know I did it."
Is this part of that frigging aging process or the beginning of Alzheimer's? Anyway you look at it, getting old sucks.

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Scarletgrey said...

You're right it does. Tonight I totally forgot we had an Alumni meeting. We totally blew it off. We were running errands and just slipped our minds completely. When I remembered it was because of an email with the roster attached. Duh! Then before that made an appointment for the dogs to get groomed for tomorrow at 2:30. Well duh, I have a doctor's appointment at 2:00. Gerry still can't drive, doctor's orders, so I have to change that appointment to later after I am done at the doctor's. Sheesh!