June 18, 2010

Coming Clean for Father's Day

My father taught me to tell the truth so I have a confession to make for Father's Day (the real Father's Day this time). You know that cute story I posted last week (on faux-Father's Day), the Daddy's Girl story about the pencils? Well, I wrote that story to submit to one of the Chicken Soup books, and they like sweet, heartwarming stories, thus the Ozzie and Harriet ending. But it's not quite the way it happened. Oh, the story's true alright, right up until the end. How it really ended was my mom was furious when she came home and found us painting with our new watercolors and saw that we'd spent almost all the money on ourselves. She yelled at us, told us we were very selfish little girls and made us take everything back to the store, even though we'd used everything except the pencils.
What a bitchy way to teach two little girls a lesson.

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