June 5, 2010

Dupuytren's - Enzyme Injection

I just received an email from a woman in San Diego who says:

Samantha--Thank you for your videos on Dupuytrens--very good info. I have been waiting for the FDA approval which came through in Feb 2010. My doctor called in a prescription for 4 vials, without calling me first. You can imagine my shock when I learned that the cost was
$3500 per vial!
My insurance will pay nothing. I don't know what the doctor fees will be on top of that. I guess I will go ahead with NA.

I believe those vials are enough for one injection, and one injection is not enough. When I was in the clinical trials we were able to get three injections, one month apart. I opted out of the last one due to the pain factor but I'm sure (tho I don't have verification) they will use anesthetic now. I'm also sure the cost of anesthesia would be over and above the $3500 per vial and the doctor's fee.
Now I'm no expert but I would venture to guess that it does not cost even close to $3500 to manufacture one vial of the collagenase.
The word opportunistic comes to mind. Who's going to benefit from this new drug, especially if insurance does not cover it?
Here's a link to the first of seven YouTube videos I did during the clinical trials.

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