August 18, 2011

More Condo Board Shit

Last year I wasted precious real estate on my blog (that should be devoted to vital things like movies and plays and food) to write about all the angst of the condo association in my building.
And then we elected a new board and things seemed to settle down. Unless you went to a board meeting and were subjected to the shouting matches caused by board member Brian Connolly. Brian was actually on the board some years ago and got kicked off in 2002 (not an easy feat) and somehow here he is back again, like a bad penny. Brian can be very persuasive, which would be a great attribute if he played well with others. He doesn't.
So now there's a movement to remove him again and this is long overdue.
My only agenda for our board of directors is that they be able to work together toward the goal of keeping our building financially solvent, running smoothly, maintained aesthetically and preserving our investment.
I’m all for dissenting opinions, that’s how you judge the merits of an issue - by addressing the pros and cons, listening to other opinions and talking through disagreements. Conflict on a board is inevitable, and reaching consensus is how you arrive at the strongest solution.
And let me say that as a person Brian Connolly can be very friendly and charming. As a board member he is neither. He is not fit to be on the board. His dissenting opinions might have validity but it doesn’t matter because he presents them in an incendiary, argumentative way that’s counter-productive. He’s accusatory, quarrelsome and unreasonable, and you only need to attend a board meeting to substantiate this.
If you don't live in my building you've undoubtedly stopped reading long before now, and if you do you will receive a special proxy in your email or via hard copy. This is just my opinion but I encourage you to vote FOR REMOVAL of Brian Connolly from the Association’s Board of Directors and FOR amending the Association’s Bylaws…
We need people on the board who are willing to work toward the common good. Enough of this bullshit.


Anonymous said...

Wow I did read it all because I live in a condo building too and I can relate. We had a man on our board that was well into his 80s and was suffering from dimentia. He would just make things up. He said he was a construction engineer and he would say crazy things to our hired construction workers who confirmed, he was dillusional.

The problem was residents LOVED him and believed him and he'd get people all riled up. Ben eventually went to live with his children in CT. He was never removed.

Condo living is hard. When it's well run it's utopia but when it's not it's expensive and frustrating.

I wish you a lot of luck.


Apartment in pattaya said...

These things really happen because you are all living in the same building and it is hard to avoid these kind of people in the condo association. Sometimes I wonder if relocating to a subdivision will be worth it.