May 24, 2011

Wacky Uses for Household Products

New use for Polident! What fun. Not that I have Polident hanging around my house, mind you (at least not yet). But I heard that an antique dealer found some lovely old glasses that were cloudy and he put them in a bucket of water with a whole bunch of Polident tablets and...voila! crystal clear glass. I was so excited because I have some very old glasses that I love that are foggy and I've tried all measure of things to clean them: baking soda, toothpaste, ammonia...nothing worked.
So out to the store I went, could only find a package of 84 tablets, but what the heck. I'll clean all my glasses (and yours, too).
I pulled out my large Calphalon pot, filled it with warm water and dumped in a whole mess of those tablets and they fizzed like crazy so I just knew this was going to work. I put in the glasses and let them soak for about four hours and then I took them out and washed them and voila! they were the same cloudy glasses I put in there. They do smell minty fresh, tho.
But the Polident did an excellent job of eating away the finish on my expensive Calphalon pot.
I'm thinking these things might do a first-rate job of cleaning the toilet bowl.
I'll keep you posted.
Meanwhile if you need Polident I'll make you a great deal.

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