May 17, 2011

Patience is a Virtue

Patience is a virtue. Which I don't possess.
Okay, so whenever I call Apple Care (and I have to say I'm BFFs with most of those techies because I have to call ALL THE TIME!) they ask what the serial number of the computer is. So I give them the number which is 8 or 9 digits and then they repeat it back to me. They say: "N as in Nancy, X as in x-ray, G as in George, U as in umbrella, O as in okay..." You get the idea.
It drives me insane. Here's the thing: M and N sound similar on the phone, I get that. But U? What else sounds like a U? O? What would anyone mistake that for?
So I've taken to giving them the serial number and then saying, "Please don't read that back to me." I say this nicely (most of the time) and mostly they say okay, but once in a while I'll get one who just insists. And I just want to scream. Because then, before I can even think about asking my question, they're going to ask my name and address and how old I was when I got my first bike and what my grandmother's father's sister's maiden name was.
As I said, patience is a virtue. Where do I get some? Does Macy's have it?

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