May 1, 2011

Theatre Review: Next To Normal

Hey, here's an idea...let's write a musical about bipolar disorder and the death of a child.
Hah! Who ever thought of that one? Well, whoever it was is brilliant, and Next To Normal is a poignant, gritty story of a family struggling with real issues. An amazing show.

The dialogue is witty and genuine and the music and lyrics are gorgeous. Every song grabs at your heart. The performances are phenomenal, the story emotionally wrenching. This show is a must-see.
In fact, for me it was such a must-see I went twice in one week. I saw it on Saturday and fell in love with it so I saw it again tonight. I'm almost embarrassed to admit that.
Well, no I'm not.
Saturday I had to make an enormous effort not to break down sobbing. Tonight I was a little more contained since I knew what was coming. But there were three young women sitting behind me who were weeping all through the second act.
So be sure to see it before it leaves on Sunday and be sure to take tissue.
Five out of five stars for Next to Normal.

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