June 3, 2009

Gizmo from Italy

When we were in Venice we wandered through a flea market that had a lot of cheap crap (hmmm...probably redundant). You know, T-shirts, souvenirs, the kind of stuff geared toward tourists.
Then there was this guy with quite a crowd around him who was demonstrating this little gizmo. He was like the Ron Popeil of Venice and he had this small plastic thing with a little spout and a tiny lid. Isn't it cute? He cut a slice off the end of a lemon, screwed the thing in (note the handy serrated edge at the bottom), opened the little lid and voila! poured lemon juice right out of it. Fun! He said you could close the lid and save the lemon for several days and when you needed more juice you just opened and poured.
Well, who doesn't need that? One for two Euros or three for five. Such a deal. So of course I bought three, picturing lemons and oranges and grapefruit in my fridge with their little spouts. Brought them home and couldn't wait to run out and buy some lemons. Screwed in the spout and got maybe two, three drops of lemon juice. Okay, well, that's all I needed that time so I stored the lemon with its spout in the fridge and by the next day it had shriveled up and died. So much for my cute little Italian gizmo.

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