June 27, 2009

Thicker Hair/Stronger Nails!

A few weeks ago my sister sent me some products her hairdresser recommended called Remedée. It's a hair recovery system. Yeah, I know, I know, but what the hell. My hair's gotten thinner as I've gotten older, something needs to be done!
So I've been faithfully using the shampoo and hair treatment every day now for nearly a month. I shampoo my hair with the product and then use the treatment afterwards, massaging it into my hair and scalp. Well, so it hasn't done anything noticeable for my hair but I have to say my nails are growing like gangbusters. I haven't been able to grow nails for about 30 years. They've always chipped and split. But now they're strong as...well, nails.
I remarked on it to Bill the other day and he suggested that it was the hair stuff, which I laughed at. But he pointed out that I use my fingers to apply it so it makes some sense. And oddly enough, the nail thing has just been in the last month. Coincidence?
Hmmmm...so when I run out of the hair stuff will my nails get crummy again? Will I have to keep using the hair stuff so I can keep my nails? It's such a dilemma.
I sure wish the stuff had worked on my hair, tho. If I have to choose between hair or nails, hair wins every time.

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Scarletgrey said...

That is so funny! It hasn't helped my nails, but my hair feels fuller even though it's not. It is really a temporary sort of fix. I would really like something that actually brings back some hair like the Rogaine thing. But I do like the product a lot. Keeps my hair soft and tangle free. I don't like to use the hair dryer so I let my hair dry naturally. It takes so long to dry my hair myself, since I am really not good with it. When Juanita does it, seems so easy.