June 17, 2009

Great Little Gizmo

I LOVE this gizmo! It's a pet hair picker-upper called Fabric Sweeper for Pet Hair and the best thing is, it really works! See the first picture? That's a new one. See all that gray stuff under the little dome in the second picture? Guess what that is? PET HAIR. Yippee!
I used to buy those lint roller refills by the carton. Really. If you have a pet you know the ones I mean, and I would use sheet after sheet after sheet to remove my cat's hair from my bedspread. But this new gizmo? A couple of swipes and voila! cat hair-free! You can buy it at Walgreen's or Target or probably a bunch of other places, and here's a link for more info:
You need one of these! P.S. I'm not getting a kickback from Pledge. Maybe I should be!

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