November 3, 2008

Fall in Chicago

What a glorious day it was today in Chicago. The changing leaves looked beautiful in the sunlight, a light breeze was blowing, it was about 72 degrees and everyone walking down the street was smiling. With Thanksgiving only a few weeks away it made me think of other things I'm grateful for, which is basically my whole, wonderful, fortunate life.
First, I'm grateful for my Bill, the love of my life. I feel so lucky to have found him after all those years and all those relationships. Maybe it's timing, maybe it's just dumb luck, but somehow Bill and I really work as a couple and have now for more than five years (record-setter for me), and it's wondrous. God knows we're not perfect people but we're perfect for each other.
I'm very excited to be getting ready for my trip to South Africa with my dear friend Claire. It's a place I've wanted to visit for a long time and on Thanksgiving Day (how appropriate) we leave for two weeks; one week in the Cape Town area and one in Kruger National Park. I'm pinching myself, it's so unbelievable. Part of the reason we're going is that Mikki Williams (who I work for as Director of Everything), had a week's vacation she couldn't use before the end of the year and generously offered it to me! A week's stay at a resort anywhere in the world. Amazing. The perks of working for Mikki are fabulous and she's also someone I'm thankful for.
I'm thankful that my lovely friend Lauren, who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, is doing so well, being proactive in her fight, handling it all with grace and that her prognosis is excellent. She's a rock and an inspiration.
I'm thankful for all my other friends who support me and give me strength and make me feel valued; Judi, who's been my best friend for 45 years, Barbara, Debby, Susan; also my sister and my cousins. I know I've left people out but it wasn't intentional and your friendship means the world to me.
Those who know me well know I'm not a mushy person so enough of the mush for one day.
It just seemed like too perfect a day to go unrecognized.

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