November 18, 2008

Book Club Babble

I've never been a "joiner." I don't much care for groups, especially groups of women, that meet regularly (about anything), but for some reason I joined a book club in my building. I'm off to the meeting tonight to talk about a book I didn't finish. Actually this is my fourth or fifth meeting and I can honestly say I've only liked one of the books so far and it's the only one I was able to finish. If I read 50-100 pages of a book and don't like it by then I hate to waste time when there are so many good books out there yet to read.
But I enjoy the group, we always have lively conversations, even though they're all women and even though we have a wide range of opinions. Isn't it amazing when someone likes something you think is just crap? And vice versa, I suppose, altho of course I think my opinion is the only valid one.
I can pretty much guarantee I'm not going to like next month's book. It's called Undercover Angel and the woman who suggested it had no idea what she was getting into. She'd heard an interview with the author, a Chicago ex-beauty-queen-turned-private detective, or something like that. Here's the cover:
Hah! It should be called Undercover Hooker. I'll let you know next month about this one.
I just realized, after posting the photo that I pulled off of, they cropped the cover for their website. There's quite a bit more of the blonde on the actual cover - including her HUMONGOUS, silicone-enhanced breasts.

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