October 22, 2008

What Do You Call a Runner Who Can't Run?

I am a runner. Not a jogger, a runner. I've run eight marathons, including Boston, and set a PR at age 40. I don't do marathons any more, now I just do three miles, four or five times a week. It's the easiest way for me to work out - I don't need a partner or major equipment and I can do it anywhere. I love that. I've been a runner for somewhere around 25 years. And now I haven't been able to run for nearly five months - MCL sprain, I'm told, which means it hurts like hell when I run and hurts a little less than hell when I walk. What do you call a runner who can't run?
A couch potato? A fat-ass? A sloth? It's so annoying. I've been biking instead, outside when I can, or inside on a stationary bike (which is just revolting). I went to a sports medicine doc a few months ago - he's the one who told me it was an MCL sprain - he said I could return to running but to do it slowly; run two minutes, walk four, and so on. So I did. After three days I could barely walk let alone run. Dumb ass.
So I stopped running altogether. It's somewhat better now, easier to walk, but it still hurts. Do you think I'll ever run again?

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