October 7, 2008

Battle of the Corporate Bands - Cleveland, OH - 10/4/08

My cousin Len Greenberg is a FABULOUS guitarist who played with his band, High Definition, at the Battle of the Corporate Bands finals which were held at the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland last weekend. (Whew! Big run-on sentence.) I went to Cleveland to watch him compete, meeting up with my cousins Gregg and Cynde Hoffman, and Marty (Len's brother) and Kim Greenberg. It was a blast!

Below is a short clip of their performance

Unfortunately they didn't win (altho they were by far the best) but we had a great time. I love being with my family!
It's always been my fantasy to be the lead singer in a rock and roll band and I begged to go on with Len and lead them to victory (I'd had a bit too much to drink by that time) but he gracefully declined my offer.
But we're forming a new band - here we are - and I'm not only lead singer but I'm also the guitarist.

Hmmm, strange...I'm playing left-handed.
Marty, Me, Len, Gregg


judi tepe said...

loved the pics. of course, I'm probably the only one who saw your Dad's face on the far right side!!
Such fun! Judi

PRand said...

i love battle of band concerts!

although my last one was in the 80s.

i better find one quick!

Muzzlet said...

Way cool!! Next year, let me know, and we'll be there too!!!

Love, Jan