October 19, 2008

Separation Anxiety

OH MY GOD, I sold my car. I didn't trade it in, I didn't sell it so I could buy a new one. I sold it. Period. I live in downtown Chicago and rarely used my car but still...it was nice to have it available. Then I got the bright idea that it was a luxury I could do without. After all, how many cabs could I take for what it costs me to maintain my car, have it washed regularly, pay for insurance and park it in downtown Chicago?
But that was before. Now it's done, gone, I have no car, and I'm having separation anxiety.
I've owned a car since I was 18 years old and now, here I am, car-less. Eeeeeeeeeek!
How will this work? What if I want to go to Costco? What if I need to do a big grocery shop and have no car to lug it all back home? What if I want to go to the suburbs? Or drive to Toledo?
My stomach was in knots this morning. I took the license plates off my car. I felt nauseous. I signed over the title and handed over the keys with trembling fingers. Then I pocketed that check. Ok, I admit it, that check seems to have a lot of healing power. My stomach feels better already.
Oh, and my car insurance was due tomorrow so I already saved $368.00.
Hmmm...maybe being car-less isn't so bad after all. Ya think?

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Anonymous said...

Not to worry - I just received an email from Travelocity. Rental cars are going for $8.95 a day. You can rent one for a week and still be saving all that money!!!! ~Cynde