January 26, 2014

Movie Review: The Wolf of Wall Street ****1/2

I didn't expect to like The Wolf of Wall Street, didn't even plan on seeing it. I'd heard enough about it, read enough reviews that I didn't think it was my kind of movie. But since it was nominated for Golden Globe awards, SAG awards and Academy Awards I had to see what the fuss was all about. And I do love Martin Scorsese.
Surprisingly, I loved the film. Loved most everything about it; the acting, directing, photography...
If you hate the decadence of the story it's only because you hate the decadence of that lifestyle, and rightfully so. It's hard to imagine people living like that; so many people, so sucked in by this ultimate salesman.
It's a story that grabbed me. Unfortunately it let me go several times throughout the film - certain scenes seemed to last longer than necessary, and about 3/4 of the way through it seemed draggy and had me checking my watch, but then it picked up again and I was mesmerized, even while I was hating what was going on on the screen.
There's so much distasteful stuff that goes on; midget throwing, snorting coke from someone's nether regions ('ass' for those who might not know what I'm talking about)...but it all has a place in the story.
If Scorsese had cut half an hour I might have given it five stars. As it is, four and a half stars of five for The Wolf of Wall Street.


Dan O. said...

Nice review Samantha. Though it goes on long, it's still one of the best movies you'll see this year. No doubt about that.

Brick NJ maid service information said...

The Wolf of Wall Street is a 3 hour adrenaline rush that is moving at the same pace as it's drug-addicted characters. It is a film about the darker side of the stock market, and people need to realize that it is not glorifying the amazingly true story of Jordan Belfort. The film does contain a strong amount of humor and is very entertaining to watch.

Thomas Watson said...

This is a comedy movie and it succeeded in making me laugh.