January 11, 2014

Movie Review: Long Walk to Freedom ****

Not many of us can fathom being imprisoned for 27 years and not wanting revenge upon release, but Nelson Mandela was that person. He lived his ethics and his convictions, and his gift to the world was his example.
This is a story we all know but the film is worth seeing because most of us never knew the complete picture. We still don't, even after seeing Long Walk To Freedom, but we're closer, and better for it.
Idris Elba is wonderful as Mandela although it took me a while to get over his physicality. Mandela was a very tall man but he was slight in build. Elba is sturdy. Oddly, his character doesn't age much, although Mandela was 70 when he was released, so no Academy Awards here for the makeup artist.
Nelson Mandela was an unusual man, the kind of man we don't see often. I recommend Long Walk to Freedom, especially to younger people who never knew who he was.
Four stars of five for Long Walk to Freedom.

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