January 29, 2014

Movie Review: Rush *

And the Oscar goes to...Ron Howard for the worst movie he's ever made. And for the worst make-up ever. And the worst script. And the worst score. Should I go on?
Oh my god. What the hell, Ron Howard?
Rush is a fascinating based-on-true-events-story about two rival Formula One race car drivers that was made into a made-for-TV-type feature film, only not as good. By the time we get to the famous gut-wrenching crash scene it's not even gut-wrenching. There's something very formulaic about the whole thing and I could not have cared less. After the crash, which didn't feel very life-threatening at all, we have Niki Lauda, burned in an inferno and when he rises from the ashes to drive again he looks like a guy with prosthetic burns across his forehead. Ho hum.
The photography is as contrived as the script. Everything about this film is too much. Ron Howard tried too hard to make this a nail-biting film and he ended up making a check-your-watch film.
There's no tension (except in the over-the-top score), there's no chemistry between the characters, there's nothing about this film that's appealing. The saccharin voice-over at the end that tells us James Hunt died at 45..."He remains the only person I ever envied," says Niki Lauda. Cue the film ending score with pounding drums and drama as the credits roll.
It's really very funny.
The only good thing about this film is Chris Hemsworth as James Hunt, who's very hunky and very nice to look at. He's the only reason I gave this film a star.
One star of five for Rush.

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