March 23, 2013

Review for What More Could You Wish For

A Self-Realization-fiction
St. Martin's Press  
    Samantha Hoffman's first novel, What More Could You Wish For is a delightful read.
    Libby Carson  goes about life “as is”, after having two failed marriages and
opting to shed the corporate world to build her own sewing/fashion business and having
 a fairly steady boyfriend for several years. UNTIL, she turns 50 and her boyfriend
pops the “question!”                                  
      She panics. She she has always had  approval from her family, who are loving and supportive. ”Yet she seeks that approval,” While doing it “her way”
     Meantime she re-connects with a high school boyfriend, the then, love of her life. They e-mail and ultimately connect.
     Things progress until a serious family situation sends her into a 180!
She starts planning a wedding with the present boyfriend.
     Hoffman's characters are vibrant and real.  Well-rounded.  She is in their
skins and really knows them.  Turning 50 for some women  is celebrated with black balloons and angst, the “going down hill” syndrome. Libby works through all this
 in the midst of  family sorrow.   
    Hoffman  carries the story through to conclusion in an up-beat satisfying

~Norma J. Sundberg: Author of An Odd Fable, a children's story
Pubished CyPress Publications/available on Amazon

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