April 23, 2012

15 Ways To Stay Married For 15 Years

Well, you know I didn't write this cuz what do I know about staying married? I could write an article about getting married but I don't dispense advice about staying that way. All my marriages put together don't add up to 15 years. Where was Lydia Netzer when I needed her (besides not born yet)?
Watch for my next article: 15 Ways To Stay Single Even Tho You Get Married Again and Again and Again. 

15 Ways to Stay Married for 15 Years
by Lydia Netzer
Today is my fifteenth wedding anniversary. I really love Dan, and I am proud of how awesome our marriage is. We certainly haven’t killed each other yet. Hell, we haven’t even maimed each other. We have not always been perfect, but we have made two cool kids, and we have always kept it interesting. For two people as weird and intense as Dan and I are, staying together this long is a big accomplishment. I know some people are surprised.

Her first tip (love this):

1. Go to bed mad.
The old maxim that you shouldn’t go to bed mad is stupid. Sometimes you need to just go to freakin’ bed. “Let not the sun go down upon your wrath” is prefaced in the Bible by the phrase “Be angry and sin not.” So, who’s to say it doesn’t mean “Stay angry, bitches. Don’t let the sun go down on that awesome fierce wrath of yours.” Seriously. Whoever interpreted this to mean that you should stay up after midnight, tear-stained and petulant, trying to iron out some kind of overtired and breathy accord -- was stupid. Shut up, go to bed, let your husband get some sleep. In the morning, eat some pancakes. Everything will seem better, I swear.

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