October 1, 2011

It's a Strange New World

Mark Zuckerberg created the early derivative of Facebook in retaliation for a girl breaking up with him (if the movie is to be believed). That early version was mean and vindictive, unlike the Facebook community we know now. But when Mark and his friends were creating FB I wonder if they thought about what would happen when Facebook people are married or in a relationship and they break up.
Who gets custody of the Friends?
Gone are the days when your ex just vanished from your life. Today, all you need to do is open your Facebook page and voila! there's your ex and everything he or she is doing, right there in front of you, ready to piss you off or make you jealous or break your heart at a moment's notice.
In the olden days the only way to find out what your ex was up to was to drive by his or her house. Or call and hang up. Well, that doesn't work any more cuz you don't even have a car. Oops, I mean some people don't have a car. And caller i.d. has put the kibosh on the call-and-hang-up method of stalking. (I haven't done those things since I was 16. Truly. Well alright, maybe 30...when was caller i.d. invented?). But now it's a new ballgame. You can cyber-stalk your ex right on Facebook! But be prepared -
you may see some things you don't want to see. Like when this comes up on your FB page:
_______ (insert the name of your spouse/S.O./ex/FWB here) and _________ are now friends and you think...Hmmm, what's going on there? And then your mutual friends "Like" that, and you think...Really? I thought they liked me.
And even for people who are still together, isn't there a myriad of cyber ways to make yourself crazy? Suppose your husband or wife has just friended a high school sweetheart. Should you worry? Should you ask about it? Should you friend your own high school sweetheart and see how your spouse likes it?
Do you think Demi took notice when Ashton friended Sara Leal on Facebook? (I obviously read too much People magazine.)
How to deal with this strange new world we live in?
Vodka. It's the only answer.

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