June 8, 2011

Dear Beach People...

I'm guessing your mom is not at the beach with you, right?
When I run along the lakefront in the morning it's early, before the clean-up crew has had a chance to pick up the heaps of trash that the pigs who frequent the beach have left behind. What's with you people? There are trash cans about every 50 feet (picture at right, just in case you don't know what they look like). Can't you walk over to one?
When I was a little kid it was pretty commonplace for people to just blithely throw garbage out of their car windows and no one thought a thing of it. Do you remember that? Isn't that amazing? Where did people think it was going to go? It wasn't until the late 50s that there were anti-litter campaigns, that people even became aware that it was a problem. Remember the crying Indian ad? That was in 1970 (see it below). If he was crying back then think what he'd do now, seeing that there are people who still don't give a crap (no pun intended).

Oh, and beach people, I'm sure you're the same ones frequenting my movie theaters (mine because you know how much time I spend there), eating massive quantities of food (nachos, industrial-sized vats of soda, Parmesan pretzels...), leaving all the wrappers and cups and crap right at your seat and just walking out. You walk past the damn trash bins when you exit the theater. Clean up after yourself! What's so hard about that?
(That's rhetorical since I'm sure everyone who reads my blog already does that.
And the crying Indian thanks you.)

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