February 23, 2011

Valentine's Day - Part 2

I know I pretty much trashed Valentine's Day in my post titled Valentine's Day is a Trap..., and I stand by my cynicism. But there is a plus to that insipid pseudo-holiday. For the last 20 years my dear friend Barbara (that's me and Barb about the time she first started sending them) has sent me a Valentine's card. Through the mail. Not an easy-way-out eCard but a real, flesh and blood card that she picks out special, just for me (and I'm sure a number of other people she loves, like maybe her husband, but I like to think she just does it for me).
Well this year NO CARD. Quel dommage. It made me sad. I missed it.
But then Barbara called me and said the card she sent was returned to her by the post office for some reason, and she wanted me to know she had it for me. And that made me unaccountably happy! And it's the funniest card.
Thanks, Barb. You're my valentine!
(In case you can't read it the lady on the left is saying, "You know...when we get old...when we get old...what was I going to say?" and the lady on the right says, "You were going to say it's Valentine's Day and we should go to a bar and flirt with the guys.")

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