February 9, 2011

Dreams Do Come True!

These are words I've waited my whole life to say: (drum roll, please...) I have a book deal with St. Martin's Press , one of the biggest publishers in the world, who will be publishing my book Mr. Right-Enough (title subject to change) next year.
This is my dream come true, a dream I've had ever since Mrs. Allen read my short story aloud to the class in third grade.
The pub date won't be until next year, it will have a different title and there are some revisions to do...but this is big time, and I am enormously thrilled and honored.
So, the moral of this story is don't ever give up on your dreams. In the immortal words of that famous philosopher Justin Bieber, "NEVER SAY NEVER."
It's not too late to realize your dreams.
Stay tuned for publication details.

BTW, I'm hard at work on my next book, and no...it won't be a sequel!

P.S. Why does the Bieb-ster do that with his hair? Someone should tell him it looks suspiciously like a comb-over.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Sam. So well-deserved.


Samantha Hoffman said...

Thanks so much. And thanks for your support.

LSC said...

I haven't been looking at the blogs I follow for a couple of weeks. You should have bragged to us last night. Great job. And the next one sounds like a keeper too.