December 30, 2010

Do You Like Snow? Go to Frisco, Colorado

If you like snow this is the place to be, and here's the get sunshine with your snow! Have you ever heard of Frisco? I hadn't. Not until my friends Cathy and Ted Johnson moved there. Ted tells me they get 300 days of sunshine per year. I don't know how many inches of snow they get every year but suffice it to say it's a shitload (that's a meteorological term).
Click on the photo below to see the album from my recent visit:
Frisco, Colorado - December 2010

The first few pictures are on the drive from Denver, where it was 57 degrees, up 9000 feet and directly west about 75 miles to Frisco. As we got higher we ran into snow and by the time we were about halfway there they had closed some of the roads. In Frisco it was around 20, and stayed that way while I was there with some snow every day.
It's a winter wonderland. We did some snow shoe'ing and hiking, went to Breckenridge and Georgetown. It was great. What the heck, if you don't have to shovel it what's not to like?

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