September 6, 2010

Hey Smokers, Quit It!

It seems like smokers are getting younger and younger, doesn't it?
My Bill's a smoker and I love him to pieces so I put up with it. Not happily, but I've been there and I know how hard it is to quit. I'm not giving him a pass on quitting because I sincerely hope one day (soon!) he'll do that, but YOUNG PEOPLE...WTF? Are you stupid? Quit it!
You probably don't see it so much if you live in the suburbs but I live in the city and walk everywhere. And since people can't smoke anywhere any more you see a lot more of them smoking outside. And I'm amazed and dumbfounded by the number of young people I see smoking. Didn't they learn anything in school??? I want to slap them, especially the young women. I don't know why that should bother me more than the guys but it does. Haven't they grown up knowing that smoking kills? Stupid little shits.
Okay, I'll jump down off my soapbox in a sec, but aren't they supposed to be farther than 15 feet from a building entrance? So how come I have to walk through a haze of smoke when I go over to the Hancock? And what do those idiots (oops, sorry Bill!) think happens to all those cigarette butts they so blithely throw on the ground? Pigeons don't eat those.
And how'd I fall in love with a smoker anyway? And a Republican to boot.
Jesus. (He's gonna kill me for this!)

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Bev Rush said...

I so agree with you about this smoking thing.
I just don't understand how people can keep smoking knowing what they know. How it can kill you and affect others around them. I lived with a terrible smoker for 16 years and have no idea how I did it! It was awful and m
now when I am anywhere near a smoker, my eyes start watering and I will also cough. It's a nasty dirty habit not to mention expensive. I know it's hard to quit, but if they really want to, they will. (Sorry Bill I love you like a brother). And good for you being a Republican!