September 10, 2010

What Not To Wear When You're Over 50

Okay, so maybe Jane Fonda can get away with wearing ripped-up jeans, an off-the-shoulder blouse and a funky fedora, at 72. be the judge. Can she? To me, she looks ridiculous. There are certain clothes that are too young for anyone over 30, let alone 72, and shredded jeans are one. She's gorgeous, no question, and in great shape. But the jeans just look stupid.
Anyway, even if you think she looks great you have to admit the majority of women of a certain age shouldn't wear that kind of stuff. So what to wear when you're over 50?
If you look good in it and you're comfortable, wear it. Great advice, right? The only problem is some older women think they look good in things like leggings and short skirts when the fact is they look like old ladies trying to look young.
Even if you're thin, things happen to your body after 50; parts droop, rolls appear, skin sags, spots show up...believe me it's endless and ugly. And thank god for clothes. The right clothes hide a multitude of sins and make us look fit and youthful and appealing, no matter what's underneath. So what are the right clothes?
One rule says if you wore it when it was fashionable the first time you're too old to wear it now. Makes sense. I'm no arbiter of fashion but here's my short list of what not to wear if you're over 50:
1. Leggings (even with a butt-covering top)
2. Mini-skirts
4. Short-shorts
4. Low-cut blouses (who wants to look at wrinkled cleavage?)
5. Anything that exposes your belly ( I mean, really...what are you thinking?)

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Tricia said...

Thanks for the advice! I'm trying to reconcile the new "me" (all those wrinkles and things you said) with looking reasonably tidy, professional, attractive, etc. Certainly do have to change some thinking along with the territory.