December 16, 2008

South Africa Travelogue Part 2

So on Sunday I was so happy because I finally had my mousse and hairspray which had been in my lost baggage, and now I could finally do my hair which is essential because otherwise it just looks like a limp dishrag on my head. So Sunday morning I excitedly plugged the hair dryer into the adapter I had to buy (which never occurred to me before I left) and the dryer blows. And I don't mean it blows hot air, although it did, for about 7-1/2 seconds, and then it blew up, completely useless, kaput. Great. So you can imagine what my hair looked like all day (whatever pictures were taken of me that day have already been deleted).
So we went to Pick 'n Pay which is a disgusting place, like K-Mart gone wild, with mobs of people and long lines where cashiers sitting on chairs check you out, and I buy a new hair dryer which I happily take back to our place, pull it out of the box and the damn plug doesn't fit into the socket. What's up with that? How is it you can buy an appliance that doesn't fit into an electrical outlet??? It's the never-ending saga of my hair. Fascinating, I know.
So back to Pick 'n Pay we go to buy ANOTHER adapter, a big honking thing that I never used again. I kept trying to leave it in the next three places we stayed but people are so nice that they went out of their way to return it to me. It was very funny. I finally left it in the rental car the day we left.
Ok, relax, I'm through with stories about my hair.
On Sunday we had breakfast at an outdoor cafe on the water's edge in Hermanus and then drove to Cape Town to the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens which is about 1300 acres of indigenous South African plants and is amazingly gorgeous.

We wandered around for a few hours, shopped in the lovely gift shop and then had a fabulous snack at the Garden Restaurant. We sat outside - it was a gorgeous day - and had a glass of wine and shared a spring roll stuffed with butternut squash and Danish feta. Heavenly.
After that we went to Victoria Wharf at Cape Town and wandered around a bit before driving back to Hermanus.
Later we had dinner at a restaurant called Annie se Kombuis (Annie's Kitchen) which was fabulous South African cuisine. We had a tasting platter of six different things which I can't remember and couldn't pronounce anyway but it was mouth-wateringly delicious, and the place was lovely, like a French bistro. was a lovely day.
Stay tuned for part 3.

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