December 1, 2008

Greetings from South Africa

I can't believe I'm in South Africa. What a fabulous country. The people are so friendly and so helpful and so sincere. It was raining the other day and my bag hadn't been found by the airline yet (that's another story) and so we went into a restaurant to ask for a plastic bag (I'd rather wear a bag over my head than walk around with rain-soaked hair!) and the woman gave us an umbrella. Today I asked someone where there was a post office and she said, "Do you just need a stamp?" I said yes so she gave me one! Then I needed an envelope and she gave me one of those too. Amazing.
So this is pretty funny - I brought my hair dryer but never gave a thought to needing an adapter. Got one but it didn't work, actually blew out my dryer. So then I bought a hair dryer and when I got back to our place I checked it out and it didn't fit into the outlet! What's up with that? How can you buy an appliance that doesn't go in a socket? Isn't that strange? So now I have to exchange the hair dryer or buy another adapter or something.
Every day is perfect here. We're having so much fun. More stories to come. Stay tuned.

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